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Against The Grain Malt Ltd.

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About Us

Mission Statement:

Against the Grain Malt is a company composed of a group of people who care about bringing two-row barley back to the rotation of cash crops in Ontario. We care to work with Ontario farmers to take a well grown malting barley to our malt facility and process it into a quality malt product for Ontario local breweries. It is our goal to make a quality Ontario malt that helps fully localize craft beer and enhance the brewing industry as well as support our Ontario grain farmers. True Ontario malt to true Ontario Breweries from true Ontario Growers.

Company Background

Against the Grain Malt has been registered as an Ontario business since 2016. In our conception we worked with our engineer to design and build a working malt unit. This unit was producing quality malt barley on our second batch. As our company grew, we constantly improved our Malt equipment’s self sustainability with the input of partner Angus Black and his vast knowledge of automation. Angus’ automation design allows us to control all necessary variables to ensure the barley is reaching its greatest potential. ATG malt now owns malting equipment that we can monitor and control from anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing us to have security on batch quality.  After three years of operating at this size and working with several Ontario breweries the business had proved its capability to produce a product that breweries respect and desire. From this point ATGM moved the company to a 3000 sq. ft. building in Petrolia, Ont. This allowed us the space to expand the company to four times its previous size so we could serve the growing interest of our customers.

With our original design ATGM was able to continuously add germination vessels for expansion as well redesigning the processes new bottleneck, kilning. Our company had to ensure it was capable of a consistent batch size for expected growth that we based off our current and future customers interests and needs. With the help of Lambton College’s innovation program and the teamwork rallied around owner and designer Andrew Esser, ATGM has designed and built a one of kind automated micro malt dryer. Our dryer dries 1200kg of wet malt into perfectly kilned brewing malt in 20 to 24 hours.  It is fully automated to the specific schedule needed to make a quality malt product and has allowed our company to maximize our output in our new facility.

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Our Technology

Advanced Solutions

Smart, automated solutions are at the core of all that we do at Against The Grain Malt LTD. Our main goal is finding the best of technology to enhance the consistency of quality to our malted grains. Click below to learn more about the technology behind our barley malting Company, or get in touch to set up a meeting with one of our representatives.

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

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